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About Us is a premier online retailer of unique complementery natural health products and organic health products.

We are all subject to the stresses of a fast-paced daily lifestyle, environmental aging and chemicals in food.  At Natural Origin we believe that the answers to many of today’s challenges can be found by using natural and organic complementery health products.

Natural Origin have sourced some of the finest natural health products from around the world which provide short-term and long-term health benefits to their users.  We stock some fantastic natural beauty products including the beautiful Zum range and the exquisit organic Les Fleurs de Bach anti-stress skincare range.

We stock a variety of natural health food supplements from Royal Green which are of the highest quality as well as the most natural hair colourings on the market from Hennaplus.

Harmony Cone Ear Candles and Bodytox Foot Patches are both fantastic natural health products, helping the body to relax and bringing well-being. The Ear Candles can help with many ailments whilst Bodytox Patches help draw out waste from the body whilst you sleep.

At Natural Origin we believe in efficient customer service.  We have a dedicated team of sales and customer service staff to help with your orders and our warehouse staff will always strive to ensure that your order reaches you on time.  We only take on natural health products which we believe in and are of the highest quality, so make a difference to your health today!

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